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Soigné Deluxe, Visual and Performance Artist. You can visit his myspace page HERE.

Designers Keanan Duffty and Nancy Garcia. Click HERE for Keanan's myspace page.

Paul Alexander.

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  1. I can't stand Aggy anymore. I don't find her to be a particularly pretty or sensational model. Her style is quirky, yes, but definitely not nice.
    Love the trousers in the last photo.
    What was the launch for?

  2. Sorry, I meant the trousers in the last photo of the first post on Aggy's launch, not this post. Sorry =P

  3. enc says:

    They're all so great! I love that red/black stripe jacket.

  4. The gentleman in the first two pictures is so amazing looking! He's absolutely captivating.

  5. Sofia. says:

    loving the lime green make-up!

  6. gilda says:

    oh i think that Soigné looks fantastic! and i love what he did with his eyes.