Altamira Exclusive: On The Street at MAO PR PARTY

Soigné Deluxe, Visual and Performance Artist. You can visit his myspace page HERE.

Designers Keanan Duffty and Nancy Garcia. Click HERE for Keanan's myspace page.

Paul Alexander.


On Your Left said...

I can't stand Aggy anymore. I don't find her to be a particularly pretty or sensational model. Her style is quirky, yes, but definitely not nice.
Love the trousers in the last photo.
What was the launch for?

On Your Left said...

Sorry, I meant the trousers in the last photo of the first post on Aggy's launch, not this post. Sorry =P

enc said...

They're all so great! I love that red/black stripe jacket.

Ashe Mischief said...

The gentleman in the first two pictures is so amazing looking! He's absolutely captivating.

Sofia. said...

loving the lime green make-up!

gilda said...

oh i think that Soigné looks fantastic! and i love what he did with his eyes.


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