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The first time I took Marc's picture, I discovered that he was a friendly guy, as he optimistically smiled for my camera. The second time I took his picture, my initial impressions were further confirmed as he told the Mercer Kitchen security guard it was okay for me to take a picture. Thanks!

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  1. K.Line says:

    Cool. Is that Rachel Zoe (or does it just look like her?)

  2. Is that Rachel Zoe? Nice to see they've kissed and made up.

    I even gotta admit Marc looks in good form. (I still think he's a little overrated though)

  3. Lily says:

    wow, they're some high profile people you've captured!

  4. enc says:

    Big Time!

    I really like these photos. Nice job.

  5. You made him seem really natural:D usually he looks too orange-y, i'm happy for you. Really great pictures lately!

  6. Monique says:

    Oh Marc Jacobs, I love you...but why are you with Rachel Zoe? C'mon, she's got more wrinkles than my grandmother. Her style is decent, but nothing too special. But Marc, on the other hand, can do no wrong!

  7. Ciguapa says:

    Wow, that is awesome! I must say that I am a huge Marc Jacobs fan and Im very impressed. I'm a Dominican born in New York but now I live in Miami and just decided to create my blog tonight. I happen to check yours out because of the catchy name. My mom was born in Altamira, D.R...

    Keep up the good work.


  8. Ciguapa says:

    Wow, that is awesome!!! Marc Jacobs, I love Marc. Very impressing in deed. Just decided to check your blog due to the name; my mom is from Altamira, D.R...I on the other hand was born in New York but currently living in Miami.
    I will be in New York City, is there any hot spots, I should check out ?

    Is your family from Altamira?

    Keep up the good work!

  9. nice is rachel zoe? you didn't say anything about that :-D

  10. Nigerian Woman in Norway--Rachel was actually quite nice and very obliging with the picture.

    I asked her if she wanted to see the pictures I had taken of her and Marc (about 60 in total). She wondered how I took so many in such a short time.

    After that, I asked her to stand in a certain spot while I pointed to where I would take the picture from. She did so quite cooperatively.

    She left quite a personable impression with me.

  11. Daniel says:

    marc is wearing a shirt by martin margiela, i've seen him in the shop many times before. the shop manager told me he tried to get ideas from mr. margiela.