New York Street Fashion: Alex

After spending nearly two hours searching for someone to photograph, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Alex here.

Things I like about his outfit:
1. the haircut--his hair is a bit long in back and waves out from beneath his earlobes.
2. His eyeglass frames--their shape
3. The contrasting shirt collar
4. The cuffed relaxed fit jeans.
5. The color tone of the outfit revolves around hues of blue--the blue jeans, the blue oxford shirt
6. Oxfords without laces--I've seen a lot of people wearing Converse without laces and was pleasantly surprised when I looked down and realized Alex was wearing oxfords (with a thick business like sole) without laces.

Most importantly, Alex's demeanor was friendly and gentlemanly...a pleasure to meet.


WendyB said...

Great 'tude.

Elizabeth said...

I always love that cuffed look on jeans.

we could grow up 2gether said...

a man that buy flowers

Anonymous said...

His clothes look kind of small for him.

Sofia Koala said...

Fun look.


I love the glasses and the shoes. Indeed, it's always a great pleasure to meet nice people when you are hunting for a picture :-)

Syed said...

That's a pretty fun look, I'm intrigued by the shoes, I may have to experiment with that!

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Great outfit, very nice

Anonymous said...

He looks great. I like his choice of shoes.

Pret a Porter P said...

He does look like a gentleman. Reminds me slightly of a younger Marc Jacobs. But I really like his banker shirt.

Anonymous said...

interesting look


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