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She told me her jacket is 70's Pierre Cardin for boys and her shoes are from Mayle.

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  1. she's perfectly cool.
    also she reminds me a little of halle berry.

  2. enc says:

    I've heard of women wearing boys' jackets, I wonder if this would work for me. It's a great look.

  3. GFD says:

    WOW! she's stunning! very fresh & natural. love her attitude & confidence.

  4. Mavis says:

    she kinda looks like halle berry!

  5. She looks effortlessly hip!

  6. I like rolled jeans. I've always liked them, with flares, with heels, even with some boots or booties.

    I'm happy they're back...I knew they would be.

  7. Fashion editors always look relaxed and cool, while the fashion-y public looks like it tries too hard . . .

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