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This is Megan McNierney . She told me her shorts are from Sari Gueron.

This is Hanneli. She's a blogger for Lola Norway . She told me her shoes are from Zara and her bag is from Balenciaga.


Lee told me her top was from The Gap and her skirt from American Apparel.

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  1. Farren says:

    i especially love the cut out shoulders! =) you've got some amazing shots!

  2. STEFANIE says:

    OOOH I absolutely LOVE Megan's outfit!! The rest looks really cool too ^-^

  3. amazing styles!!!!

    Are you coming over to London next week?

  4. enc says:

    You get such great shots. These girls are an inspiration.

  5. bi-style says:

    All outfits are gorgeous!All girls are great mostly I love #1 and #2!

  6. Oh, such well dressed girls!

  7. Wow, love all their styles, and noted the uneven lengths of Hanelli's pants. I'm pretty sure the bag is Chloe though (Bay Bag) and not Balenciaga...(not that that's important)