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Karlo Steel, owner of Atelier with Natsuyo, Julius Rep

Alexander Plokhov and his wife

Mauricio Padilha co-owner MAO PR and Phillipe Blonde

Roger Padilha, co-owner of MAO PR

Team Comme des Garcons Ana Fisher and Rickey

DJ Scott Mou

Thursday night Atelier celebrated it's official relocation from it's old location on Crosby Street in Soho to it's new location at 304 Hudson Street.   

If you haven't had a chance to visit Atelier in New York City, add it to your list of stores to visit right now!   Atelier offers the most prestigious variety of Avant-garde designers I've ever seen from a boutique: from Eurpean based labels like Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell to Ann Demeulemeester of the Antwerp Asian based labels like Yoji Yamamoto and Julius.  

Besides chatting with Roger and Mauricio from MAO PR, I had the opportunity to chat with my all time favorite designer Alexander Plokhov, the designer for the label that was Cloak.  Funny how when I met Mr. Plokhov, I just so happend to be wearing my Cloak military inspired black oxford with a double asymmetrical button line flowing from the shoulder down diagonally across the chest.  

Great night overall.

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  1. WendyB says:

    I need to check that place out.

  2. but you failed to mention the tragedy... it's "for men"!

  3. Copycat says:

    A new place to go....

  4. i wish i could go to atelier, but i couldnt afford a piece of dust from there.

    great pictures!!!

  5. Danielle says:

    how gorgeous is that woman in the top photo! so monochromatic and beautiful.

  6. zsya says:

    love thee first couple ♥

  7. sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    they're all so well dressed- i like natsuyo's hair



  8. Max says:

    hah, saw you there. Actually thought to myself "that looks like a cloak piece"

    I was the super tall white kid with the green flannel. Outta place as all get out.

  9. ryder says:

    fantastic! its a "must"location.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the dj works at other right? please say he was playing kompakt and playhouse type shit

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  12. Wow how nice, i will browse the store on my next trip to NY. If you ever make it to Vienna, Austria, go visit those 2: &

    both stores have the greatest pieces :o)

  13. Johanne says:

    Oooh I like Rickey's outfit!

    Great blog:)

  14. enc says:

    I love these photos, Craig!

  15. enc--Thanks! I wonder if anyone noticed that one of those pictures was actually taken with the people looking into a mirror? And that you can see my camera taking the shot too?

    Glad you liked the pictures as they were taken without a flash...

  16. Max says:

    altamira - I was there with a friend taking photos as well, once he has them edited/fixed up, I'll definitely throw them up here.

  17. the shot of the comme des garçons is it shot into a mirror?
    with you peeking through between them?

    great shot.


  18. gothninjas all over the place