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When I spotted Alex B here, I was able to guess correctly that his cardi was from Thom Browne as the stripes on the sleeve gave it away.  I did get the origin of his jeans wrong though guessing Urban Outfitters instead of APC (a more subdued hue of green than the competitors according to Alex).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it's a nice look, but the matching mittens from thom browne's f/w collection would take it from good to ludicrously good. nevertheless, i bet this man eats puppy chow for breakfast.

  2. ace says:

    its gorgeous.

  3. well he's off to the races
    that hue of jeans actually works
    in fact, his ensemble of coleurs work so harmoniously together


  4. Quería desearte una feliz navidad y que siendo amigos en el 2009!

    Abrazos y no bajes los brazos nunca.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i hardly think someone wearing a thom browne cardi would be wearing jeans from urban outfitters. eek. great apcs.

  6. Cool guy!

    I love retro-grandpa cardis and colored skinnies for men.

  7. OMG there is a woman behind me?

    Could it be the white orchids in my kitchen? I read "floating woman" and had to peek over my shoulder for a second ♥

  8. Oh and my bedroom fan is wearing the riding boots.


  9. J'aime quand on a l'osadie de melanger des couleurs! Bravo!

  10. MARIONA says:

    Fantastic Look, I love it, congratulations for the picture, Kisses from BCN

  11. miss a. says:

    What a sexy bitch. Loves it.

  12. I would have thought the denim was from Urban, too. They look like BDGs. The cut of the leg and everything.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow! How much is that cardigan??

  14. J says:

    This is what going to work every morning looks like when your job is being amazing.

  15. Iliana says:

    It absolutely gorgeous..! That cardigan is very stylish and attractive.

  16. fesc29 says:

    Does anyone know what kind of bag he has???