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For more photos of Models Off Duty (M.O.D.) be sure to click the following Teen link!

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  1. Emz says:

    That is amazing makeup! I love how simple but stylish it looks

  2. Bloody hell what lovely lips!

  3. So flawlessly beautiful & striking! Great photos! :)

  4. Sarah says:

    seductively classy!

    Amazing images - what beauties!

  5. Tiphaine says:

    Love, love, love Paul Smith !
    Fashion contest on mainchicavenue !

  6. great photos Craig!!!
    It was nice seeing you again, catch you later at the MAN show tomorrow!!!!

    P.s I'll get Lewis to meet you.

  7. wow..!! i know thise blog because i'm looking for photos of barbara garcia.. a spanish model.! but i really like your blog and the photos that you took in juny of 2008.

  8. wow lovely
    really superb


  9. HEK says:

    I love these photos!
    And the makeup is stunning.

  10. STEFANIE says:

    Lovely lovely pictures! The third one is my favourite =)

  11. I absolutely love the first picture. It's shows perfectly how buzy everyone is. The two persons fixing her hair and doing her make-up, the model using her cell, looking in sort of an imploring manner and BEST of all: the redheaded woman looking at her watch.
    Congrats! I'm absolutely in love with it. It's a perfect example for a pictue which says more then hundred words...

  12. Really lovely photos! Are you on your way to Paris now?


  13. Full dark lips are always in style.