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  1. Love the stripes with the drapey scarf & leather jacket...the shorts were unexpected as I scrolled my eyes down, but gives the outfit 'something extra' :)

  2. is Lane Crawford a store in HK????

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes - Lane Crawford was started in HK and is now in China as well. Sarah Rutson is one of the most stylish women ever!

  4. Liz Blair says:

    I like the outfit except to me, the raggedy shorts seem out of place. I would have preferred a nicer pair of black shorts.

  5. I like how she threw those jeans shorts in there. It adds some edge to her outfit.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. enc says:

    Fascinating combo—the shorts with the tights.

  8. luckystar says:

  9. love this outfit, simple but perfect ... the jacket, the short, the stripes!

  10. Najeema says:

    I love this outfit, but the shorts should have been shorter and more distressed IMO. The length is throwing me off.

  11. petra says:

    whose shoes are those? they look gorgeous!

  12. Curella says:

    the shoes are lace booties from GIVENCHY!

  13. Heyla says:

    LOVE this outfit!