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Ali, you rock!

jeans -- Ksubi
shoes -- Doc Martens
jacket -- Rick Owens
bag -- Proenza Schouler

p.s. if you haven't picked up the May issue of Vogue U.S.'s amazing. One of my pictures is in it!

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  1. Emz says:

    She looks fabulous =) I so admire her for coming out and admitting that she had an eating disorder. She looks so much happier now!

  2. Ooh! I hear this month's US Vogue is great, can't wait to get my hands on it, and see your pic too ;)

    Love that first shot of Ali in the air!

  3. Line says:

    Great pictures of Ali! Thank You for posting.
    US Vogue is lovely, a lot thanx to Meisel, I like the Natalia - pretender shoot.


  4. i love doc martens! i want to get a white and black pair, possibly patent.
    ali michael is so beautiful. she looks fantastic!

  5. marie says:

    yaayy! what a beautiful jump-pic. lovely!!!

  6. M A Z P E says:

    shes soo cute & stylish

  7. patti says:

    haha, you're right.
    this is just great and fun.

  8. Christing says:

    these pics are so cute! love her style!!

  9. Miriam says:

    ohhh i love her!! shes like the sweetest model ive ever seen :)

  10. Lauren says:

    Just devoured my May of the best in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time (yay for puuting models on the cover)

    Please tell us which picture is yours?!?!

    Love your work. You're a daily stop on my web-surfing adventure;-)

  11. What a cute style she has! She is so fun

  12. Sam says:

    Great post - so funny to read it after just finishing the newest Vogue issue featuring models lives off the runway. Great article on what to wear to evoke the model-esk life style.


    Sam @PrettyLovely

  13. Love that shot! It's like she weightlessly elevated herself off the ground - like Nureyev. I think I spelled his name wrong.

  14. Of course she looks gorgeous in this photo. She's so graceful, even in those clunky Doc Martens. I've been eyeing Docs for some time now. Sadly they would not look as awesome as they do on the models.

  15. The most beautiful girl in a GREAT shot.

  16. Rina says:

    her shoes are lovely, fabolous style!

  17. haylin says:

    loooooooooove ali forever!
    she's really super fabulous~
    oh, the power of young girls~

  18. Craig, that is a brilliant jumping pic of Ali! Really beautiful stuff (I know how ridiculously hard it is to have everything come together at once- without scrinched up faces, an arm half out of shot etc).
    Well done on US Vogue as well! I am going to Borders today so will have a sneaky peek at it :)


  20. indie says:

    Oooh Ali has one of the best styles and she shines in pictures! Fab girl!

  21. Niki says:

    Cannot believe it was Ali who was taken off a show for being fat. My, look at that skinny frame. Models have it tough, eh?

    Anyway, Ali looks amazing. :) I love her youthfulness. Well, she is young to begin with.

    Pretty young thing indeed!

  22. Just got my hands on a copy of the May US Vogue- nice shot of Dasha,Craig.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You must be kidding!!! She is anorexic, and I'm sure you're aware of that. Photography can distort the perspective, but in this picture it is so obvious something is seriously wrong with her body- she is just too thin! And being a model, the reason is, yet again, obvious.How can you post those pictures as a beauty ideal? She is not to be admired, she is to be pitied. Models have died on the runway, and yet, you are cynical enough to post pictures of an anorexic model "having fun"?!? Well, let me tell you something, anorexia and bulimia are mental illnesses, not physical ones. I have a friend who is a therapist and she says these girls sometimes just die, even when treated- some girls are impossible to treat . They are so immersed in their own private little reality, where they are never thin "enough", that they are not able to "go back" and to acknowledge that this is killing them. Don't mean to be a preacher, but you are part of an industry- and this includes the fashion editors that glorify this kind of "beauty"- that is very much responsible for the fact that young girls- and I mean 12-year olds- develop eating disorders. And all of you, writing how "fabulous" she looks, just encourage these girls, who solemnly believe that not only is starving OK, it is actually beautiful. Craig, as a fashion journalist, you have responsibility, and you're simply abusing it.

  24. Sophie says:

    i sort of agree with the message written before mine. it might be a little 'too much' to immediately say she has got an eating disorder, but when i saw the photo (and i've read the story of Ali admitting she has had an eating disorder but that she's doing better/fine at the moment) i thought she looks sooo thin (again)! I was sort of shocked with all these people saying she looks fabulous!

    ps; greetings from holland :)

  25. Ali Michaels is a sweetheart.
    If she were to see this, I bet this would have made her day and raised her self-esteem. So actually, telling these girls they are beautiful might end up proving to be beneficial to their overall self-assurance of their looks. I do not want to get into this too much. But either way, she has a heart of gold and is precious the way she is.


  26. She is my favorite for her contrasting fair skin and dark eyebrows, it's an ahh-mazing combination!! :)