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Agyness Deyn as discovered on Lafayette Street.  "Agyness!" She turned around, "Hey, I shot you last spring over there (pointing to Elizabeth and Prince).  Did you ever get a chance to see the  the shot ? It turned out amazing!" "No, I didn't...." she replied. "You were standing like this" and then I proceeded to put on my best chin to shoulder Agyness pose which got a laugh. "So can I get a shot?" "Yeah!"  The second shot is a scan of the recent June/July issue of Teen Vogue which has my second solo page of pictures in it.  

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  1. WendyB says:

    Congrats! Awesome story too, so cute.

  2. just found your blog, really like it! great shot as well!

  3. I just love those studded Converse! Lucky run-in with her, and amazing photos.

  4. thesil says:

    Lovely outfit.

    Congrats for Teen Vogue Solo Page!

  5. Karoline says:

    I have not seen Agynnes in a while, so this was a pleasant surprise.

  6. JC Adams says:

    If only she got a shot of you doing the pose.

    Well done on Teen Vogue, Craig! And again: I'm so grateful to you for your advice & support when I was just starting out - two whole long months ago! : )

    I love how you've created a niche in models on the street - but sometimes you break your own rule, like that fab woman of a certain age in Paris!
    (I've been stumbling on some models here in London, too - Frida, Betsie D, Kinga, a few more I haven't posted yet - would love your thoughts if you have a moment).

  7. krstne says:

    i looooooove agyness

  8. AGYNESS!! Her jacket is cool, and also, now i wish i was taller..

  9. Ashley says:

    Aww I heart Agy.. love her outfit. Great spread in Teen Vogue!

  10. Congrats on your feature! And LOVE Agyness, great shot (of course!)

  11. S.I.Q. says:

    the girl with the balenciaga, chanel?? looks amazing!!

    -make your own shoes
    -best current model

  12. Love the jacket shes wearing!!

  13. Congrats on your Teen Vogue page!! You are a rising star!

  14. What a cute store. She seems really nice.

  15. Very well done Craig!!! Hurry and come to London!!!

  16. KC says:

    Absolutely awesome! I am so jealous hehe... it looks great

  17. love agyness! and her voice. sshe has the sweetest voice!