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Guidi's Allessia Righi Amante and VOGUE's Brian Fee

Phillip Lim and Karlo Steel, co-owner of Atelier

designer Alexandre Plokhov and Constantine von Haeften, Atelier's owner

Guidi's Allessia Righi Amante and Edwige Belmore

Roger and Mauricio Padilha, owners of MAO PR & co-authors of the Stephen Sprouse book

On Sunday night, Atelier hosted a unique light and audio installation by Guidi.  Phillip Lim, Alexandre Plokhov formerly of Cloak, and Edwige Belmore of 80's scenester fame could be seen in one spot toasting their glasses while in another group the likes of Roger and Mauricio Padilha, (co-authors of the Stephen Sprouse LV book and MAO PR owners) and VOGUE's Brian Fee could be seen discussing the latest travails of the upcoming fashion season.  According to Karlo Steel, they flew in lighting experts from Europe to create the best possible illumination for the all black clothes that lie on the racks of Atelier, which in effect eliminated the need for a camera flash.  

A good night was had by all. 

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  1. miss a. says:

    Ack! It's Philip! The space looks impeccable and faintly resembles his own studio.

  2. Rosie says:

    Those shoes at the end are killer

  3. Those shoes are bonkers - were they a styling prop?

  4. -h says:

    impeccable glasses on karlo

  5. Hey -- saw you mentioned in Time Out this morning as an influential Fashion Blogger! Big ups to you!! Nice work.

  6. Mcmaris says:

    Those shoes look so unique. I would've loved to have seen it all first hand!

  7. hey Photodiarist, thanks for your heads up about the Time Out New York blip. As far as these shoes go, I have to ask Karlo about them. Was under the impression they were just a prop, but I could be wrong.

  8. ricky says:


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    Nice Work Done!!