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Nothing like catching two editors having a laugh with each other.  In the second photo, I had just finished asking Andrew to spin Mary Kate around on his back, that's why she's pointing her finger at me as if to say, "Not going to happen Mr. Craig."

The last shot is Andrew getting out of a cab headed to a show at the Tents.  

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  1. CMA says:

    i love these shots
    the necklace she is wearing is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    loving the clarity of colors of this

    check out my blog @

  2. i'm in love with these shots...they are really sunny-funny couple:)

  3. Sacre bleu! Her shoes & necklace are unreal! Love it all! :) They seem like a ball of fun!

  4. Faridah says:

    Such great shots! Really well captured. x

  5. aww u can tell they KNOW they have the best job! full of smiles

  6. I love her heels! Great photos.

  7. Sandy says:

    You capoture the natural element of human behaviour, how refreshing to se an unforced shot.

  8. Ilona says:

    Those shoes!!!! Oh my goodness they have to be the nicest i have ever seen, need to go and lie down. Where are they from???????

  9. Anonymous says:

    Size triple zero??

  10. that's a really cool top on Bevan.

    i like the asymmetrical style.