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top -- Sonia Rykiel
jeans -- Balmain
shoes -- Repetto
Bag -- Genevieve Jones
necklace -- Lanvin

Today's commentary and photos were selected by LOVE magazine's Fashion Editor,  Phoebe Arnold.   If you haven't taken a visit to their site lately, do so now, it's amazing.  I added in a few things about Becka at the end so you know more about her.

Phoebe Arnold, LOVE magazine's Fashion Editor comments: 
"Simple rock chic done damn well, i love her skin tight Balmain jeans, tassled leather bag and big black sunglasses. She sure knows how to strut the streets, she looks like she doesn't give a fcuk, its great!"

Craig's comments:
Becka was recently given  It Girl status by Vogue , had her birthday party written up in and was also included in's recent  Front Row Faces  feature.   As well, she's hosting fashion week parties, one in conjunction with Irina Lazareanu.

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  1. Wicked shots! Loved the 'editorial comments'! ;)

  2. WendyB says:

    I was hoping she was going to do a cartwheel after the raised-arms shots.

  3. Wendy, haha...a former muse of Jean Paul Gaultier wants to do that for me...she's in Canada now though...

  4. Ofelia says:

    She isn't so carismatic.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great style! Every time I see this girl she reminds me of iggy pop pop cool!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So hottt! Great style....

  7. Love your blog & style!

    Please follow my blog for culture, cuisine, and couture from JAPAN & HAWAII <3

  8. Maria says:

    Why did she cut her hair?
    There were lovely before.

  9. Those ripped jeans are amazing!

  10. Great street look love the bag

  11. bárbara says:

    fotos muy frescas

  12. Ashley says:

    Holy designers!! is she wearing any not made by someone fabulous? she puts it together so well!

  13. Mcmaris says:

    Love her style. Great pics!

  14. CMA says:

    i love how shes just like "bam, im here, shoot me" in these pictures

    check out my blog @

  15. She looks great, very poorgeois. Part of me aches about how much those jeans cost.

  16. She's fabulous! Those jeans are amazing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    That Kate Moss's bag....

  18. Miss M says:

    great style, that bag is killing me!

    <3 M

  19. moto says:

    she looks edgy, love the fringe bag

  20. Elaine says:

    I thought she was going to do a cartwheel too... A little disappointed to be honest.. ;)

  21. Davina says:

    such a simple outfit but all the rocker-chic details make it fab!

  22. marousya says:

    definetely not another standard balmain variation

  23. Those jeans, damn. Jealous? Not at all, lol.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what a boring outfit? why wear a $8,000 outfit to look like you just stepped out of Urban Outfitters?

  25. Eyeliah says:

    Hi Craig, I have been a huge fan of Altamira forever and I recently started a Vancouver street Style site and wondered if you wanted to swap links? I noticed you don't have many sites in your blogroll but thought it was worth an ask anyways! :0) No worries if you don't swap, thanks!

  26. sick shots!!! i'm lovin much! and wanting her Balmain's for sure.. weeehaaaa!!

  27. Lola says:

    love Genevieve collection
    you guys should check out

  28. Azn Glow says:

    So lush! I love her bag, particularly. Gah, so pretty and such quality photos.


  29. Chloe says:

    Great style. This really suits her. :)

  30. looks like a hardass. i love it!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Becka Diamond is Who What Wear's Girl of the Month (October)!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  34. Anonymous says:

    WOw, wow! so simple, but so well put together!

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    has some similar cheaper jeans similar to these, and other cool things.