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Maryna Linchuk

Tanya Dziahileva

Both girls are from Minsk, Belarus.   On more than one occasion, both have been photographed by Steven Meisel.   And in Paris, both looked great.

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  1. Both beautiful girls, but the girl in the first photo is stunning. Thanks for all of your wonderful fashion month pics, Craig!

  2. Hannah says:

    They're gorgeous - I love the geometric elements in both outfits!

  3. the shiny legged pirate is the winner

  4. digging that first outfit - hot stuff.

    tanya looks a little like amanda seyfried here, hmm.


  5. GORGEOUS! Especially the shot with Maryna! :)

  6. SUch awesome outfits. They make me want to go put some red lip stick on. Or paint a girl with bright red lips...

  7. i like tanya dress, it's so hot!

  8. Emily says:

    i love their hair!! soo 50s glamor. and of course the outfits are incredible!!

  9. Mimi says:

    i absolutely love both of their outfits. especially the blazer and dress. great post!! :)

  10. Frou Flu says:

    maryna looks amazing...

  11. Anki says:

    Wow they both look so beautiful <3!

  12. caley says:

    maryna's hair and makeup makes the blazer/leggings combo UNREAL!

  13. Anonymous says:

    tanya definately looks like amanda seyfried here!!!! obvs still totally gorgeous though! xx

  14. Oh, I totally love everything about the first photo! LOVE LOVE LOVE the leggings ♥

  15. wow that first is dazzlingg!

  16. The first girl is amazing looking. Love her scarlet lips. Not that the second isn't beautiful-- but I find her powder blue eyeshadow and the lip color distracting. She doesn't need to try so hard. She's naturally gorgeous!

  17. Tim says:

    Very nice hairstyle !

    Vote for my t-shirt !:

  18. wowzers ... Maryna looks fabulous

  19. The first girl looks so great with her red lipstick.


  20. Caroline says:

    Maryna is incredible. How intimidating! I wonder how it is possible to coexist with such beautiful people...haha.

    @SarahKate agreed on the red lipstick. If I could only work it!

  21. Sofi says:

    Love Maryna's red lips, looks fab!

  22. sabrina says:

    Tanya looks amazing!

  23. CMA says:

    i love this...such a flawless first shot
    your blog really is the go-to place for fantastic photos of models
    thanks for sharing, keep it up

    check out my blog @

  24. Lola Re says:

    belarus! they look so stylish, love these photos!

  25. Im Maryna's number one fan..she looks gorgeous

  26. heidi says:

    can anyone ID the bag in the first photo?