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Not only is Julia a former face of Costume National and Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, not only has she been photographed more than once by David Sims, but Julia also epitomizes downtown cool.

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  1. Those are some ripped jeans! They look rad on her.

  2. love the shooooooeeeees

    and the headphones

  3. Cute & funky! Love the striped blazer & headphones :)

  4. she looks pretty damn awesome. love the contrast of the shredded jeans and neat blazer.


  5. beautiful! {uninhibited fashion blog}

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  7. mom & son says:

    julia is absolutely gorgeous
    and an effortless chic!

    cool! i'm thinking of DIY distressed jeans for myself.

  8. Anki says:

    She's looking so cool and easygoing.

  9. I love Julia and her personal style is awesome

  10. Those jeans are amazingly cool!

  11. todd says:

    get the latest lyle and scott from

  12. CMA says:

    LOVE the look, the jeans are flawless

    check out my blog @

  13. Valncami says:

    Adore the tiny blazer.

  14. she looks great, probably a fun girl to hang out with!

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  15. Zoe says:

    What a cute kiddo! Love those jeans!

  16. Dylana says:

    Love her jeans and beat up converses!

  17. Sofi says:

    I love what she's done with her shoes, brilliant!!

  18. Strutt says:

    what a cute look!!
    the jeans really do it for me
    i LOVE
    when theyre seriously destroyed

  19. Hayley says:

    she is my hero for totally and completely pulling off this amazing look. (one that i only dream of wearing well)

  20. Uniqua says:

    I love her clothes !

  21. joce says:

    loveee those jeans.! ripped to perfection


  22. she is so freaking cool!!