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In London

In Milan

In Paris x 3

VOGUE's Brian Fee (VOGUE Art) took a moment to comment on Frida Gustavsson's personal style from London to Milan to Paris.   Many thanks Brian!

"...she looks totally different with her hair pulled back man!  But the one look, hair pulled back with jacket and trousers, I feel she comes off most 'mature'.   I find sometimes when I see these girls with their hair down they seem a bit older but not Frida.   Hair down is fresh and girlish but hair up do I put this, sweet but collegiate?  Like she's taking a semester off from Oxford to work the runway.  I dig that she sometimes pairs her personal streetstyle with doc martens, too, it's a solid foundation to a sporty look."

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  1. Jess says:

    Frida is gorgeous, love her style!

  2. Amazing legs, I love the denim shorts with tights!

  3. gosh is she even human??

    she does have amazing style but still, that girl would look hot wearing crocs (i think).


  4. Can't choose a favorite shot!

  5. rani says:

    i really love her androgynous style..and her make up is awesome as well :D

  6. C says:

    wow her legs are LONG.she's lovely.
    sale items added.

  7. her legs go on foreeeeeever

  8. love this girl and her style muchly!

  9. She looks different in all the pictures but amazing at the same time!

  10. I really love the first outfit.

  11. The little shoes are darling.

  12. The penultimate photo is my the slouchy suit constrasted with the feminine top, simple gorgeous!

  13. very interesting to see the different styles in the different cities.

    bises from Paris

  14. Anki says:

    She looks great on the pictures. Her style is gorgeous.

  15. YARDEN says:

    Great legs !
    the first one's my favorite ..

  16. Ofelia says:

    I think she's beautiful. I like the milan's look more than others.
    Have a nice day!

  17. I love Fridas style!!! Check out my blog at

  18. Thank you so much I added it for you! Have a fantastic day!

  19. folktime says:

    beautiful! great style

  20. Zoe says:

    What a stylish lady!

  21. Brigitte says:

    Where isher bag from?

  22. dot says:

    Brian isn't far off from the truth: when I met her @ H&M last spring, she was on her way back to Sweden for school.
    She's a lovely girl, and one of the rare people I've shot, model or no, who took the time to write & source what she was wearing. I've always known she's be a huge success as she's so talented, pretty but especially, SO NICE.

    Attitude is so 20th century. Manners do count!

  23. 徵信社 says:

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  24. Anonymous says:

    I would love to know who designed the enormous bag! I love the color and the studs at the bottom.