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Dorothea Barth Jorgensen (left) and Amanda Norgaard (right) outside of Miu Miu.  Out of the hundreds of girls I shot during fashion month, none had a fun spirit as contagious as Dorothea's.   

EDIT/NOTE: the braids are hair extensions as designed by the lead Hair Stylist Guido Palau.  The difference between the extensions he designed for Miu Miu and Alexander Wang that I can see is that the extensions at Miu Miu were worn from the middle where the extensions from Alexander Wang were worn from the side.

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  1. beba says:

    I like Dorothea's tee. And love these plaits!

    Peace and love!

  2. Ula says:

    Like the outfits !
    And the hair is soo long :)
    Love it

  3. says:

    Wow I wan to grow my hair out now too ! So pretty

  4. they are so cute!

  5. is it their real hair?

    anyway they are very joyful

  6. Soren--that is not their real hair. Famed Hair Stylist Guido Palau (who also styled the braids for Alexander Wang s/s 2010, but worn from the side) designed the braids for Miu Miu, which were worn from the center.

  7. Love the hair extensions, they look like modern Rapunzels! :)

  8. Looks like they're having so much fun. And those braids...Amazing!


  9. i like dorothea's tee and amanda's frayed shorts. i see supermodels like dressing in all-black when they are off-duty. interesting! ;)

  10. Le 21ème says:

    Love the bleached shirt!


  11. Love the braids. Too bad about the cigarette. Someone should tell her what it will do to her face if she can't be bothered about her health.

  12. Ash says:

    Those braids are AMAZING! I wish my hair grew longer then it does!


  13. Such a sweet pair! Their style is killer.

  14. Amelia says:

    i love the hair! they are so cute!
    amelia x
    check it out!

  15. Natalie says:

    they have great energy together!

  16. CMA says:

    gorgeous as always darling
    totally love it
    thanks for sharing
    awesome blog, keep it up!

    check out my blog @

  17. Amazing picture!!! The girls look lovely!

  18. Krimly says:

    I envy them so much!!!!

    lovely blog!

  19. Maria says:

    amazing style
    and super long hair.

  20. Isabelle says:

    they look so happy, carefree and excited. Nice shots!

  21. Karoline says:

    Both are extremely cute girls:) The braidsare beyond amazing!

  22. (LOwe) says:


  23. My...their hair is soo pretty!! Is it really that long? Now I want to grow them sooo long too:)

  24. Isp says:

    i love the braids!!!!!

  25. wow look at those hair!!!! extreme cuteness... they're tres pretty!!

  26. Love the braid! and shoes :) Check out my new fashion post... Nonchalant
    Nina xoxo

  27. heidi says:

    they look like twins

  28. THOSEBOOTS says:

    Somebody please tell me Dorothea's boots aren't vintage! I must get a pair. Where, oh where, can I find them?

  29. Cathrine says:

    Amanda is Danish. She had a blog with her friend Lasse, but they shut it down :'(

  30. antwan says:

    amanda is so much fun.

  31. Toffee B. says:

    they are so beautiful and their style is amazing!