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Hope everyone has a super fun Happy New Year! There's so much to choose from for New Years Eve in New York City, from the Tribeca Grand party to the Boom Boom Room to mulling around with friends on the Upper West many fun choices to choose from.

See you in 2010!~

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  1. I want those pants! Great pic, happy new year!

  2. Natalie says:

    have a great night, happy new year!



  3. Love The Blog!

  4. Amelia says:

    wonderful blog! Oh i love those pants :)
    happy new years! amelia xx

  5. Leopard print & wing eyeliner...I love it.

    Happy new year, Craig! Best wishes for 2010.

  6. Hayley says:

    LOVE the cheetah print.
    happy new year!

  7. ying says:

    really nice to see one chinese model when i first open this website in new years haha~i love her very much~btw i am a chinese girl also!

  8. Gracinha says:

    hey there! Just found this blog and i'm amazed!!

    Happy 2010!!!!


  9. lucky you!!!

    it all sounds wonderful...and the outfit...great!!!

  10. Daniela says:

    Olá :D
    I'm from Portugal and I'm sooo happy for my country's name to be represented by this stylish model!
    Happy 2010 !

  11. Karoline says:

    Happy new year!

    I love her outfit, it's almost perfect.


  12. Rosie says:

    love her necklace!

    happy new year!!!


  13. What did you end up doing, Craig?

    In any case, I am sure it was fun. Have a great new year.

  14. Kaahl says:

    Hey, nice post.

    I clicked into your blog through some friend of a friend of a friend. I thought maybe you would like this pic of one of our new products: a skinny bow tie.

    We put you up on our Blogroll. We are going to try to get more focused and more connected into the blogosphere. I hope you come check us out. Happy New Year.

  15. her outfit is perfect! i love how she put things together. congratulations to her for being the new vs angel too. :)

  16. Hope you had fun!
    Loving the patent Docs.

    The Bambina

  17. those tights/pants complete this wonderful outfit.


  18. Anonymous says:

    everybody compliments the pants and the shoes. I like the blazer/jacket!! does anybody know what it is from??? it seems to have great texture and nice cut of course, too!

  19. love the trousers! happy new year! x

  20. kisses from spain

  21. Watta poise.. that's a realy model. I like her so much, so gorgeous.

  22. dvestv says:

    More nice and great fashion will come out this new year, 2010.

  23. CMA says:

    gorgeous darling
    love it as always
    you have a refreshing blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing


  24. amazing.


  25. mel says:

    she looks fabulous!actually all of the pictures below are also fabulous.lovely blog,i love models!
    have fun

  26. Irene C. says:

    I'm following you!


  27. HAL says:

    the docs look great with this outfit! i'm not sure how i feel about the doc trend overall but it fits here.

  28. Connie says:

    Love the make up, not to mention that gorgeous blazer!

  29. A beautiful fresh face-- and she's being quite daring with those leggings (?) in leopard.

  30. God I love the eyeliner, nice Doc's too...

  31. Kiwi says:


  32. Le 21ème says:

    YES! I love her boots!


  33. i love those pants! its hard to find a good leopard print pant now-a-days! wtf!

  34. What a great blog. Love the fashion idea's.

  35. eBooks says:

    nice picture.

  36. ELVIA says:

    love the top half and the boots/shoes. the leggings/pants i'm not raving about. x.

    p.s her hair + makeup = flawless!