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Fashion Director At Large and Creative Consultant to VOGUE Nippon

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Ali Bajwa
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  1. Fabulous!! I can feel how cold she is. Black and white suit ...never fails.

    my blog: La Stylin Girraffe

  2. did i just see a chanel suit? she's totally gorgeous. i love her look. she's a total fashion devotee, i can see it.

    fashion atelier.

  3. She's always dressed impeccably! Love this shot of her!

  4. Ohhh Anna, she's always dressed so glamorously

  5. Liz says:

    Love her suit :) she's gorgeous.

  6. Love the stark contrast and simplicity of this outfit...absolutely luscious & elegant!

  7. Totally Gorgeous! I LOVE HER!

  8. RebeccaH says:

    love it! isn't she amazing!!

  9. She's the epitome of the classical, well-turned out female.
    So utterly CHIC!

  10. Her scarf looks nice and warm :) Lovly picture, thank you for sharing! xx

    Sarah @

  11. Love this shot of her. She's so chic! xx

  12. Louis says:

    I love Anna she is AMAZING!!!

  13. Adore, chic 24/7 I BET!
    she is just fascinating..

  14. Oh totally looks like she is decked out in Chanel

  15. I love her and her passion for fashion:)

  16. Warm and Chic in Chanel. WHat i would do to climb inside this ladies wardrobe!

  17. this has to be the least colourful or embellished outfit i've seen ADR in for a while. not that i'm complaining, can't go wrong with black and white.

    pure elegance.

  18. sarah m says:

    this outfit is the epitome of class, elegance and poise. so beautiful.