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  1. be.aoi says:

    Beautiful outfit! its so Abbey!

  2. absolutely stunningggg. LOVE her!

  3. cecylia says:

    Great stockings and love her coat!

  4. dodz says:

    hello I Linked you on my site.. if you don't mind can you Link me too in your site please! tank you.

    add me

  5. Hannah says:

    she is SO PERFECT!! love her style.

  6. I adore abbey


  7. gih says:

    I love the jacket, perfect for winter.

  8. I love how Abbey has such a distinct style, you could pick her out from a mile away. She looks awesome, as always.

  9. This girl knows what's up.

  10. Glayki says:

    I love the outfit!She is so beautiful!

  11. Gosh, this outfit is perfect! I could never dare to combine all these pieces, but it looks amazing!

  12. Angie says:

    I agree with lafashionelle so stunning but I could never combine all these pieces....<3

  13. CAROILNE says:

    I want a coat like that!

  14. Gonzalo says:


  15. SB says:

    Love her! She's perfect.


  16. Like her shirt and scarf especially, the pops of read are lovely!


  17. MiA says:

    Amazing pictures, stunning model!! so many beautiful details and colors!

  18. HAL says:

    Amazing as usual, I love that dark lip color she uses. Unexpected on her, but very striking.

  19. Alessia says:

    she's really pretty!

  20. génial !

  21. hezron says:

    wow your lips is cool nice look

  22. Emily says:

    everything about this is perfect !!

  23. i think it is impossible for her not to look fucking amazing.

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    check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

  24. LADYPLAY says:

    great style! ladyplay from paris

  25. whitney says:

    Abbey Lee has amazing style!

  26. Clara says:


  27. Kera says:

    her coat is sooo ugly!!

  28. great picture, my eyes are obsessed by her scarf and the red embroidery detailing, très cool!

  29. always bohemian Abby. I love her coats and how she mixes colors and patterns in her outfits. Always so bold and not model-like boring blacka and white.

  30. Hola que tal te dejo mi sitio web de alta costura y mi recien inagurado blog de Corsets para que lo visites:

    Saludos y gracias!!

  31. Liya says:

    Abbey is one of my favourite Australian models at the moment! She has a great look

  32. Evan says:

    Bella Rock

  33. pandoy says:

    hello baby your lips is cute.

  34. Kim says:

    Abbey rocks! She´s got style!!

  35. very colorful, really are eyecathing, love them very much, great design

  36. Adrianne says:

    I love Abbey Lee!Everything on her just perfect!!

  37. Love her bag her shoes and everything.

  38. Kacrates says:

    I love Abbie Lee :) Frigging love that jacket.

  39. says:

    Her coat is to die for!


  40. Je suis says:

    beautiful outfit!

  41. I love Abbey Lee!Everything on her just perfect!!