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  1. dear kate says:

    she is adorable! what a fun dress!

  2. be.aoi says:

    love her outfit!! gorgeous dress!

  3. Nice blog. I'll follow you from now. Hope you'll follow me too. xoxo

  4. Rosemary says:

    Lovely dress, super cute sandals too and an even better smile <3

    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  5. Page says:

    love her dress!! its beautiful :)

  6. jakarech says:


    LOVE IT!

  7. As unoriginal as this comment is, I agree that whilst outfit is well-put together and cute, it is Katie's genuine smileyness that completes her look. She just looks like the kind of girl you'd wanna be friends with, sweet, down-to-earth, not at all intimidating or clad in the typical model-off-duty uniform... of course this could well be bollocks and she is actually a vile, arrogant creature but it's just nicer to believe that in the case her carefree grin ands sweet outfit reflects and equally lovely personality. X

  8. Mon says:

    That dress is gorgeous!!!

  9. such great dress you have

  10. love the red accent on it..looks awesome

  11. marina says:

    she's lovely!

    check out my blog! :)


  12. Silkybow says:

    her smile is so welcoming!
    gorgeous dress :D

  13. the dress ist beautiful!

  14. Maria Ana says:

    She looks so simple and cool :)

  15. says:

    Nice dress.
    I love it
    Stela Alves

  16. love her, she simply amazing

  17. o (∩ _ ∩) O est plus moins