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saying hello to Paris Vogue's Carine Roitfeld


zippered flare leg trousers


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  1. Cinta says:

    i love her, she is so beautiful!
    xxx, cinta from trapped in her closet

  2. great shots! but I hate those pants :P
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  3. sorry but I definitelly don´t like this kind of no no

  4. Maria says:

    isabeli is so sexy yet edgy, which is a weird word-pairing, but still!

  5. elleandco says:

    She is so beautiful !! Amazing ;)

  6. 'S' says:

    she's so beatiful...her bag is so cool...but these pants??¿¿not for me!!!

  7. BASIIK says:

    that chanel bag is insane! i'm in love!

  8. I love those flare pants!!!! Great look!


  9. Cecille says:

    love her zipper pants!

  10. Immelia says:

    I'm crazy about that cute bag!chanel as its best.

  11. Mcmaris says:

    OH wow I love this! Fierce indeed.


  12. Isabeli really is the most divine looking creature. With her nonchalant euro-chic attitude and friends in VERY high places (Carine Roitfeld...I die) she is possibly the only girl in the world who could rock these zip-detail flares. X

  13. She is gorgeous.
    I really like her attitude..

  14. Pink says:

    love her pants!!

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  15. Amalina says:

    Those pants are riddick!

  16. Sheridan says:

    I absolutely L O V E those pants!!

    Does anyone know where they are from?

  17. Marianne says:

    omg those pants!! i like them :D go Isabeli!