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Doing Italian Vogue covers before Frida Gustavsson was even born...married to photographer Miles Aldridge...Kristen is a living legend in the modeling world.

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  1. Angy says:

    wow, will go immediatly to take a look at that cover!

  2. This dress is so extravagant , it blows my artistic mind!

  3. UAU!!!! is not a tshirt!!!! is words......

  4. Extraño...pero me gusta.

  5. she is wearing body art god really pretty

  6. amazing dress geez so gipsy and unique

  7. I feel like her sunglasses are too harsh for her face.
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  8. OMG!
    The dress looks amazing with the body painting!!!

    Elaine Valerie

  9. She is as striking as always...amazing!

  10. Eye-catching.Her ultra white hair with the braided detail looks so different at her.Well done. love, FashionLifeCoach

  11. her hair.. omg!! too beautiful!

  12. Adrianne says:

    OMG! I love her style.
    She make the dress looks unusual.

  13. Amalina says:

    Woah, and she doesn't look a year older than Frida...these photos are so beautiful, you've captured her perfectly!

  14. jessica says:

    i really love the edgy layering!


  15. afrosaxon says:

    Absolute legend, first time i've ever seen body paint look chic !