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  1. Karrie says:

    her smile is so sweet!love her~~

  2. she looks beautiful!

  3. Vasilieva says:

    she has this gorgeous smile

  4. I'm gonna copy this outfit. She looks perfect :)

  5. Happy Newyear, sweetie!

    I like your blog!
    &. Maybe you’ll like to follow me, so we can follow eachother?

    Love &. Kisses, Valerie

  6. Joanna says:

    Great look as a whole! Her smile is a bonus!

  7. 154 says:

    Great outfit

  8. carina says:

    she look great !! i love the blazer so much !!


  9. A says:

    Love the outfit!

  10. Lisanne says:

    lovely blog!
    follow eachother?
    i'm following you on bloglovin.

    lots of love,

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  11. All legs! Love Karlie!

  12. kathrin says:

    i love Karlie, but she needs a personal stylist...xxoxKathrin

  13. NiNi says:

    I love her blazer cuz the color is so perfect for is! great picture!
    xoxo Nini

  14. tess stam says:

    so cute! love the bag

  15. Classic but very nice on such a beautiful personn

  16. Hmm she is growing on me

    Peroxide Blonde

  17. Fanny says:

    this is so me, love that style x