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Always willing to stop for the camera, 4 different outfits from Agnete for you today.

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  2. She is very lovely!

    xo thefashionguitar

  3. Vanessa says:

    absolutely lovely!!!!!!!!

  4. First photo and the last are the best! ;)

  5. Great styling, she's got an amazing taste!
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  6. Vasilieva says:

    isn't she gorgeous

  7. if i have such long legs, i'd totally go for the style in the last picture !

  8. Amazing model, gorgeous colouring. I love the last outfit... casual with an edge :)

  9. love her style!

  10. bravegrrl says:

    chic and easy style! love it!

  11. Really nice outfits, love the jumper in the first image! x

  12. I positively adore her Balenciaga bag. I love when I see models acting like real people, carrying the same bag daily.

  13. Pardoleta says:

    ohh! the second picture just inspired me soo soo much!

  14. Jasmin says:

    her hair is amazing!

  15. Sasha says:

    i fell in love with the 1st outfit!

  16. Love her first outfit!

  17. Maria Ana says:

    she looks great with her hair pulled back!

  18. tutta_ says:

    love her! and her hair is flawless.

  19. Love her Balenciaga bag !
    So lovely xxxx

  20. JusteC. says:

    She's really pretty !

  21. I love the first and the fourth outfits! Great style inspirations!

  22. katia says:

    she reminds me a bit in some photos as kate bosworth

  23. Love her & the photos are absolutely great!!

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