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To see more of Lindsey's personal style including videos, visit her blog Saucy Glossie

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  1. Annie says:

    lovely picture. she is so beauftiful.

    X, Annie

  2. renerene says:

    Sunglasses and fur look so cute together!!!


    You are welcome to visit my blog too :)) Kisses

  3. BASIIK says:

    This photo is adorable.

  4. She's cute, I've been following her forever :)

  5. Vasilieva says:

    beautiful sunnies

  6. LadyNoir says:


  7. beautiful photo. I love when you get up close and do portraits!

  8. Gorgeous photo.. Love those MK sunglasses
    Lee x

  9. Her sunglasses are love!

  10. Anonymous says:

    love this! love lindsey! and your blog!

  11. sooo cute! x