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  1. That second look is amazing!

  2. Michaela says:

    She wears some lovely shoes!

  3. dominika says:

    ooooh, what a beauty she is! I love her smile (besides her style)

  4. it-girl says:

    I love their outfits! They look amazing.

  5. i love the last picture its amazing. those lepord print wedges are great and also love the loubontis in the first pic

  6. the outfit in the last picture it's cute!!!

  7. The Right to Apparel Choice!

  8. She's got an eye for shoes! :)

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  9. Vasilieva says:

    fabulous face and these looks are pretty

  10. Tony SHT says:

    The Leopard wedges are stunning! Love them!

  11. love the pink lipstick! x

  12. Claire says:

    She's so beautiful! I love her use of layering!

  13. Love the tiger print platforms in the last photo

  14. Henry says:

    I need a balenciaga bag too!! sooo bad!

  15. adoring the leopard shoes. I love this blog because I used to be a model with FORD. Love seeing all the models on their spare time!


    Lydia Lange

  16. Love your blog! New follower.


  17. Neve says:

    so beautifuly turned out, and i love that blue dress!


  18. She's got style!

  19. Cecylia says:

    Ah tram-stopping beauties!! Love the mesh/cage shoes!

  20. Ahh, she looks fabulous! As always!

  21. Mcmaris says:

    Love that first outfit pic! She is gorge!

  22. Connie says:

    She looks perfect in everything she's wearing.

    The Heartbreak

  23. classiq says:

    I love the color of the leather jacket.

  24. Stunning Stunning Stunning!

  25. Love her balenciaga bag !

    xxxx Gucci

  26. Maria Ana says:

    Great smile :)

    visit me;)

  27. wow!!! great blog! just followed you!
    hope you can also follow mine!

  28. Amazing photos!!!