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With the new fashion season about to hit, you know you can count on some serious Models Off Duty coverage from all 4 major fashion weeks to come. From Lincoln Center in New York, to Somerset House in London, to the Duomo in Milano and finally the Tuileries in Paris. I'll be there.

Often these girls are in a serious hurry between shows, fittings, and castings. A model can have as many as 17 appointments in one day during the middle of fashion week. Fashion season for a model is kind of like a hurricane of professional obligations to tend to: designers, casting agents, PR people, hair and make up, mother agents, drivers to find, taxi's to hail. A model is not contractually required to stop for me for a picture and by no means, required to stop and let me take detail shots, full body shots, and carefully execute a photo shoot. Let alone when she's fatigued, jet lagged, or hating the make up they just applied to her skin. To those girls that do stop for me, I am grateful for their time and patience.

Because of this, I've decided to add in the off season, some work of mine that better represents the current state of my creative photography. Sometimes that will include models from agencies like Marilyn (look out for a coming series) and Women, and other times, that will include photos from DBA girls, like Lindsey above.

Hope you enjoy the shots!

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  1. Can't wait to see your new models off duty shots, they are those fashion insiders that are the first to find out and wear the new fashion trends :)


  2. beautiful images! x

  3. great photos! love the one where the train is a blur and the model is in focus, really clever

  4. b.fee says:

    really nice one, Craig!

  5. *sunday* says:

    the fourth shot .. the back to us in an empty carriage - awesome!

  6. *sunday* says:

    ha sorry i accidentally pasted something irrelevant in my last comment - didnt mean to !

  7. caroline says:

    It probably shouldn't be, but the fact that her MetroCard is facing the wrong way is really annoyingly poking at me.

  8. Pardoleta says:

    The pictures have a very good qualitiy!
    I like your observations on models ;)

  9. Cecylia says:

    Wow editorial-like shots!!! Well done, the styling is perfecto!

  10. Loved these shots! Adds a story, and another dimension to the 'models off duty' photographs! :)

  11. Jakarech says:

    LOVE these photos!!

    Great theme in the subway!!


  12. Brandon says:

    I think it's awesome that you are exploring your creativity and trying new things! We definitely loved your shots from Antigua. And we'll look for you in NYC next month, stalking models ;)

  13. Pretty! Love Saucy Glossie!

  14. Maria Ana says:

    Can't wait :)

    visit me;)

  15. Lena says:

    Beautiful pictures. Looking forward to seeing
    more :)

  16. LOVE these pictures and as always, love your look. Keep it up :-)

    thestylist la

  17. Tilda says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Very nice development of an editorial approach, not often seen in street photo blogs. -- FashionableFun