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Typical pandemonium ensued today when Abbey Lee exited the Fendi show. Photographers everywhere were in a scurry amidst the narrow filled streets of Milan to get around cars, maneuver around other photographers, and try and get just the right light to shoot Abbey Lee. And who can blame them for trying to get Abbey's gold platforms, her blue pendant, and her all white transparent dress?

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  1. OMG I love her style so much. It is so etherial and otherworldly. I love it!!

  2. valncami says:

    fabulous! Love her!
    Bring back the super models...on the covers of American mags.

  3. mll mag says:

    loveeeeeeee!!!! ;)

  4. she looks fabulous!

    <3 steffy

  5. amazing shot. job well done.

    check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX

  6. goha says:

    She looks otherworldly!

  7. Marinela says:

    She's quickly becoming cooler than Agyness and Freja. GO Abbey!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Abbey Lee always looks like a witch. She kind of scares me. I'm not saying this in a bad way but a neutral way.

  9. OMG I love it !! love her style, gorgeous !!!

  10. Fabolous dress! she is amazing!

  11. Mara says:

    arghhh!! abbey lee's style is amazing! <3

  12. alexandra says:

    she's soooooooo amazing, her style is GREAT, i love her <3

  13. Laura says:

    that outfit is sick.

  14. Egle says:

    She likes to play risky. this time she looks great in this:)

  15. so pretty

  16. Wenda says:

    I love how abbey lee has that certain look on her face every time she's being shot! She's so gorgeous and her style is amazzzzzinnnnnnnnng <3

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  17. la femme says:

    she looks like some kind of wild, urban angel. beautiful shot.