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  1. aw she is so cute!
    that was a great show as well.

    january, x

  2. A + N says:

    Gorgeous leopard and navy combo!!

  3. Isabella says:

    Such amazing style. That dress is unbelievable.

  4. i love her cape/jacket. and the fact that she looks so happy here! :)

  5. Very cute.
    Check out my NYC post...

    Nina xoxo

  6. Emilia says:

    she is so cute and beautiful! :)

  7. Leopard prints are the best!

  8. Klara says:

    She is lovely!

  9. Maryam says:

    This photo is amazing, and I LOVE her hat!

  10. what a gorgeous navy jacket/poncho... love it

  11. I love this. Such an inspiring and creatively put together look that I'm sure she put on with no effort at all. My kinda girl :)



  12. Pardoleta says:

    I totally loooove this outfit.!! she looks stunning

  13. Marinela says:

    cute as always. :) love love frida!

  14. Sigh, simply perfect

    Peroxide Blonde

  15. The real beauty of this shot is her happy laughing face :)

  16. Manon says:

    Wow, she looks so happy and... Full of life !!!
    Her outfit is awesome, but I can't help hating her because of her WONDERFUL LEGS.

  17. Her leg's are never ending! Great photo's as always

  18. Love the dress and the combo with the navy coat!!

  19. She has great style. I love her outfit.

  20. wearona says:

    Great shot but I loved her even more at the Prabal Gurung show! check it out and compare:

  21. Cutypaste says:

    Frida looks so cute!
    Always with a nice girl smile
    Love her animal print look.

  22. She is such a doll face !