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  1. Lovely balance of baggy upper half with the scarf and slimline skinnies for bottom. x

  2. Love love love this photo! She is sooo stylish!

  3. mll mag says:

    Nice look ;))

  4. this is great, its so simple and classy!
    unbeleivable blog also! been following you for a few years now:)

  5. Totally in love with those pics!

  6. love her Chanel!
    p.s. sorry that your files've been deleted without prior notice. But I am sure you will get over it soon, by keep posting all these amazing photos of yours!

  7. Ore.R says:

    Love her jacket and scarf

  8. Marinela says:

    Snejana looks soooo lovely! I love that scarf. :)

  9. liza says:

    I love her boots, scarf and bag! She's so stylish.


  10. Love this look!
    I like the leather jacket

  11. I love her leather jacket!

  12. she looks gorgeous...great style, nice hair...but what's up with these legs??? super skinny.

  13. Egle says:

    I love everyhting except shoes:)

  14. Macaron says:

    She's too skinny... she looks like a 13-year old girl!!!

  15. la femme says:

    I can't believe you caught her smiling!