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Valerija! Shot by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia and Daniel Jackson for Vogue China, Jil Sander and Diesel gigs for advertising-- she's everywhere right now.

And we are right on the eve of fashion month, which means 16 hour work days, endless nights of uploading photos to FTP servers for clients, and lots of travel. You'll be able to find my photos on (1.5 million unique visitors per day) and among other sites this season.

Updates from around the world coming soon!

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  1. She looks amazing in that first photo.

  2. Love the outfit, although she looks kind of scary..


  3. Ekoas says:

    Heh, and she is celebrating her birthday today. Happy b, Valerija!

  4. Wow, she looks like she's still on the catwalk with those outfits and that intense expression.

  5. she looks amazing. i love the outfit in the first picture !!

  6. Vasilieva says:

    gorgeous photos

  7. gorgeous name, gorgeous face!! love the first photo. stunning!

    Ellen Ross
    Ask Away Advice & Fashion Blog

  8. Maryam says:

    LOVE their outfits!

  9. love her dress in the first photo


  10. ttv says:

    They have one thing in common. Their eyes :-)

  11. She's gorgeous... and scary. :)

  12. Really it is very useful post and I like to read these type of posts and thanks for sharing such type of posts please keep it sharing.

  13. SOFIA says:

    there even are not words to say as the first post is beautiful!

  14. Pretty outfits!

  15. Maria Ana says:

    she has great style!
    very unique!

  16. Twins says:

    We are fan of ur blog!! :)
    we love it! and we follow you
    follow them or visit our blog:

    xx from spain

  17. WOW! Such an out of the box photo shoot! Love the inspiration!! XOXOCC

  18. yifie d. says:

    yea kinda scary her expression and all

  19. hi i would like to award you with the versatile blogger award. thank you for all your great posts, they are very inspiring!

  20. Evan says:

    I thought Models were supposed to be HOT ?

  21. ToughCookie says:

    With her hair pulled back she looks so much like Luca Gadjus!!!

  22. Kotenka says:

    First photo is amazing!Can't stop watching it! Love

  23. safra says:

    i'm not gonna lie, i have an issue with Valerija's waif figure.

  24. Anonymous says:

    She's with Oui Management in Paris.

  25. Glenn says:

    I love the tiger look eyes.

    Glen Woodfin