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Fingerless gloves, stud accessorized skirt, structured leather jacket....mixed in with stiletto heels and a soft scarf makes me think Arizona was mixing masculine with feminine here.

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  2. (I got a little problem to post) She ROCKS that's why I get the YSL Manifesto Bag-Amazing shoot

    La Bise

    MCH from Paris

  3. BASIIK says:

    I usually hate fingerless gloves, but she makes em work.

  4. Agne says:

    she looks very stylish!

  5. Kimberly says:

    love her! she is gorgeous and i love her outfit!

  6. linda♥

  7. Vasilieva says:

    gorgeous face

  8. I have always loved fingerless gloves!

  9. scarf and gloves A+

  10. Shaina says:

    Stunning, love the jacket!


  11. Mars says:

    Arizona looks great here! Not a favorite model but I must admit her off-duty style is good.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  12. Polkaways says:

    I like her white leather jacket.



  13. tess stam says:

    Imaginative outfit - love it

  14. Brandis says:

    There are better- a lot better in fact. Models, and models off duty. I can't get the image of Arizona modeling a snuggie out of my head...