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  1. AMAZING!!!

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. analee says:

    nice post,really with effort finding models in their off..wish to know the models at least where to watch them..but i like it,really!

  3. gorgeous! i love those shoes... and her hair is beautiful in the first image.

    <3 steffy

  4. Mcmaris says:

    OMG Annas SHOES!!! They all look Fab.

  5. Mary. says:

    Lovely !

  6. wow her shoes are too good to be true!

  7. *sunday* says:

    anna dello russo = the definition of fabulous. enough said.

  8. Manon says:

    Hey !! Your pictures are amazing, as usual ! Models always seem nice and sexy when you catch them, not like in shows :)

    Anyway, I need some votes for a fashion drawing contest with the French Glamour magazine: check mine on !!

  9. Chelsea says:

    Anna Dello Russo's booties are a work of art!

  10. Vasilieva says:

    adore this mix of textures and colours, anna really rocked this look, well, like any other she wears

  11. em says:

    Those boots are sick!!!

  12. Love your blog! So glad u are continuing after flickr mishap! Check me out ;)(sorry for the shameless self promotion but its necessary :) I think you'll like it... I have retro seventies, photos from Soviet 70's and encounters with some of fashions best :))) Nonchalant
    Nina xoxo

  13. Anna is a legend. That's all!