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Simone Carvalho (Ford, NY)

Vertical black stripes add body contour to Simone's Little White Dress. Time to forget the Little Black Dress with the coming Spring and Summer months :)

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  1. I love that white dress! It looks so good on her. She is super beautiful! I love the vertical black stripes because they add something else to the white dress.
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  2. What a face! She's beautiful

  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful dress <3

  4. I do love this dress, the stripes are sweet and it gives her body more shape!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  5. This dress is just rad! Such minimalistic futurism - fantastic!

  6. GIAA says:




  7. milano says:

    That’s pretty cool. Much creativity. I like your outfit & nice location. Good photograph. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. milano says:

    I like your dress. You looking so pretty. Wonderful photograph. I appreciate you.

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  9. love love love that dress! And the girl is soo beautiful!

  10. analee says:

    She looks like an innocent girl. I love her beauty.

  11. how beautiful she is <3


  12. Tristana says:

    That is wonderful, wonderful dress! And it looks even more good with her black skin!

  13. Begüm says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that she's extremely skinny! Like in an unhealthy way...

  14. AliceG says:

    this girl has so pretty hair:)

  15. STUNNING!!! Love the length of this dress. She looks beautiful


  16. Mery says:

    nice dress...

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  18. Love this dress. Stunning xx

  19. sandra says:

    the white dress looks amazing with her skintone!

  20. Magdalena says:


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  21. My Design says:

    hii, we're brazillian girls and we loved you blog! we are following you, can you fallow us??

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  22. beautiful model!

  23. hey i love this blog..stylish, modern and fab!i'll be following you for sure!

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  24. Beautiful girl, beautiful dress! Love the clean lines. Check out my modeling journey...

  25. that girl has got some great sense of style! looove

  26. love her dress!!

  27. love the bag where's it from?

  28. jhuynh says:

    she is stunning!

  29. Valentine says:

    Wow she's stunning!!

    Diary of a fashion stylist_

  30. teamgunn says:

    The simpler, the better,right? Just add the best accessories. Really nice!

    Kininha & beguinha

  31. Easy and totally chic. Love her heair and make-up. Would most definitely wear this!