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  1. Mars says:

    I love her get-up. She looks really pretty.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  2. Kimberly says:

    love the outfit she looks great!

  3. s says:

    Beautiful dress.... love the shoes ;D


  4. Floral with animal prints cant get much more stylish!

  5. these are the first animal print shoes I like. Thank god ! hehehe


  6. i love her dress :)
    (i need some opinions on my blog post's lengths)

  7. liza says:

    I love her dress, and shoes. They're mismatched in the best way possible.


  8. i love her personal style!
    her outfits are always so unique!


    fashion illustrations at ILLUSTRATED-MOODBOARD

  9. Love the dress and the brown(?)belt put together!

  10. Cintia says:

    Nice look. I loved your shoes.


  11. Liege' says:

    in love with her bag

  12. Eva says:

    the nonchalance of the outfit is perfect
    love the loafers

  13. Great photo! Love her outfit! :)

  14. Thumbs up for hanne....she can rock every combination no matter how weird it may looks on any other!!!