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Matching the black and white themed contrast of her top and skirt with her black and white ballet flats.

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Ali Bajwa
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  1. s says:

    very nice...
    Big oversize bag... lol
    love it :)


  2. liza says:

    I love the simple colour scheme and her gorgeous bag.


  3. her bag is gorgous...I would like one in black...

  4. i want that bag too....

  5. This is also what I thought first looking at the pic: I WANT THIS BAG!!!!

  6. Mars says:

    Love the minimalist look, it's so classy and elegant. Heidi Mount might actually bring the oversized tote trend back...

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  7. Inna says:

    The bag is too big for her.

  8. laskje says:

    i like it!

  9. dweedy says:

    huwaaaa... i love her gorgeous bag :*

  10. Cintia says:

    Nice look! Beautiful bag.


  11. I really love this blog. It's so fresh and colourfull!!
    Best regards
    miss Margaret Cruzemark

  12. Lauren says:

    I'd love the simple chic of her outfit sans bag. The bag, although lovely, overwhelms her.

    The Styleseer

  13. TheAL says:

    Simple is definitely better here! I also love the relaxed hair. Nice contrast!

  14. womo531 says:

    what bag is she carrying?

  15. Brandis says:

    Bad skin day? She's strategically hiding her face...

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Bag is Michael Kors oversized Hamilton Tote. Love it.