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Kyleigh Kuhn (Next, NY) came from California to New York to model. She made the move to Next Models after a meeting with Next's founder, Faith Kates. I had the chance to shoot Kyleigh when she was new to New York, fresh off a Bruce Weber set. What follows is an afternoon in the life of a top model, highlighting things that characterize Kyleigh: not a runway, not an editorial, not a campaign. Just Kyleigh, pure and simple.

2:00 planning/scheduling her next trip to Afghanistan for her charity work

her living room wall

a close up of a piece on her wall, she decorated it all herself

those are real gun bullets she found on the street in Williamsburg

2:30 Kyleigh gets ready for a trip to the local organic market. She's an avid reader, showcasing her books alongside one of her favorite rings and pair of shoes

2:35 checking out her appearance before heading out

2:37 which included a side trip to her bedroom. I couldn't help but notice these vintage figurine cars and match boxes

2:38 and then notice this bona fide Fire Bat hanging on her wall

2:40 and all her jewelry choices

2:41 my favorites

2:45 playing around with her vintage cabinetry

2:50 Kyleigh has an interesting selection of hats to choose from. They indicate her personality as much as her choice in books and vintage card deck.

3:00 she's off to the local organic market with her boyfriend

3:15 Kyleigh comes out with a baguette, fresh cherry tomatoes, aged parmesan cheese, baby arugula, baby spinach, lemons, and basil

3:30 Kyleigh/caught sneaking a cherry tomato

4:15 dinner is served
Entree--olive oil, tomatos, basil, pasta
asparagus--fried covered on low heat for 15 minutes simmered in real butter
bread--both sides dipped in olive oil and pepper, oven baked for 8 minutes with goat cheese
salad--baby arugula, baby spinach, fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with olive oil, pepper, and aged shaved parmesan cheese

5:15 last but not least, Kyleigh unwinds for some alone time on her fire escape, curling up with Hemingway and peace and quiet.

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  1. i really love this post!
    beautiful pics

  2. Johanna says:

    do you mind checking out my blog? feel free to follow me ;) or at least tell my what you are thinking about it


    p.s. i just want to say: i love your blog and these pictures are beautiful!

  3. 'S' says:

    what a necklace!!!!!so jealous!!!!great style!great pics!!!

  4. This is so cool, she seemss so laid-back and real and sweet! That fire bat is wild, and the dinner looks delicious! I really really love this post! I'd love to see more like this! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  5. she's gorgeous...and who doesn't want to have such a life in New York!? Jealous!

  6. Diana says:

    Great coverage! More, please!!!!

  7. s says:

    So beautiful pics.... LOOOOOOOOOVE them ;))

  8. What a beautiful story, but I must say the hat completes it!

  9. This was such a wonderful post! please consider doing more posts where you give your readers a peak into the models' daily lives.!!

  10. Great post! Fell in love with her crib :)

  11. Ladida says:

    she looks very short for a model...

  12. carina says:

    i love it!!!!


  13. Laura says:

    Wow beautiful pictures!!

  14. @Ladida--Kyleigh is 5' 8.5" tall.

  15. Evan says:

    there amazing shots..i liked it ..keep it up

  16. Steph says:

    Love the photos!!

    I've awarded you with the One Lovely Bolg Award!!

    Check it out here -


  17. Love her interior decorating and choice of reading material!

  18. Chelsea says:

    She seems to have the coolest sense of style from her outfit choice, to how she decorates her house with all those interesting vintage pieces. Also that dinner looks incredible! It's nice to see a model eating a good wholesome meal.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Awesome story! Please do more stories like this! The pictures are fabulous too.

  20. Juliet says:

    What a fantastic apartment -- all the trinkets and odds and ends. The photos are really lovely as well!

    I really like these posts that dig deeper into the lives of the models -- sort of like Altamira meets the Selby.


  21. @Juliet--just to clarify--these photos are not meant to copy The Selby. In fact, I never go to his site. Ever. These photos are my way of going deeper into Models Off Duty, as a lifestyle as opposed to just their home.

  22. Matina says:

    this post is amazing. i love the pictures with the time stamps and the little menu with the recipe. and the pictures are AMAZING.


  23. Oh my god !!! I find your blog so stylish !! I love your photos and I follow you !!


  24. She's beautiful and has a really nice house!


  25. Adorei o post. As fotografias ficaram ótimas, ficou parecendoum editorial de lifestyle...

  26. Anonymous says:

    I like her. Loved your story!

  27. jhuynh says:

    love this!

  28. Really nice shoots, and really nice woman!

  29. abataba says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

  30. Congratulations by the Blog, I Loved! passes there in ours, it to you rolling a Marvelous Promotion by day of the mothers... Kisses

  31. Anet says:

    very beautiful photo.
    and cool idea.

    just amazing.

  32. Kimberly says:

    so lovely she's beautiful!

  33. galatea. says:

    what a cuite and soo very admirable- charity work x

  34. Claire M. says:

    I really love the post its so nice and lovely. Keep on sharing :)

  35. Erini says:

    Cool storyline! I love the depictions of her everyday life along with the incorporation of her eclectic fashion. Beautiful!

  36. Adore this post! So much fun! Beautiful images! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  37. Lovely pics..The necklace and the ring looks gorgeous!!

  38. Cam says:

    great post !! ;)

    I'm following you now ;)

  39. beautiful photos
    love seeing her making dinner
    love everything she got :)

  40. Snappy says:

    Great pictures. But I think my favorite is the last one. Colors are inspiring.
    snappy x

  41. This is absolutely lovely! We adore these photos, all the wardrobe, and the comments!! Really amazing job here!

  42. Aubrey. says:

    love this! and all her decorations!

  43. katia says:

    love this!
    So cute and simple and adorable

  44. liza says:

    She's absolutely gorgeous, and these photos are stunning.


  45. Wonderful I love this post.. super like

  46. Valentine says:

    I love this photo diary!

    Diary of a fashion stylist_

  47. Catherine says:

    I love this post. She is so pretty and the photo's are stunning, I like her lifestyle.

  48. anna bo says:

    how sweet she seems.

  49. Anonymous says:

    she eats dinner SO early! that is unreal... who is hungry before 7?

  50. Great post! So many amazinh pieces, love her necklace! Many amazing decorating items!

  51. What a beautiful day!

  52. The White Tiger is a good book.

  53. Sundal says:

    her apartment is stunning, what amazing style!