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Natalie Suarez (Fenton Moon, NY) was born in the United States and is 1/2 Spanish 1/2 Chinese.

We crossed paths on Crosby Street on Monday, where she had just left a casting. Have a visit to her site at Natalie Off Duty to see what she's up to project wise and for more personal inspiration.

shoes -- Bronx
shorts -- Forever 21
jacket -- White and Warren

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  1. Fantastic shots! And congratulations on your other gigs.

  2. Amy says:

    love her, gorgeous complexion. love her blouse.

  3. Paul says:

    What a wonderful pose...a beautiful women and outfit...sublime!

  4. Kacrates says:

    I love her! :) What a nice shot ;)

  5. s says:

    so pretty ;D

    Salomé's Thoughts: Bad remake of "Singin' in the rain"

  6. Vasilieva says:

    brilliant shots, natalie looking lovely

  7. the red shorts are amazing! Love the first shot... lacoste style

  8. Mars says:

    Wow, she's amazing! This is the first time I heard of her. Thanks for giving us a link to her blog.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  9. Oh my! Love that dark red with that white dotted blouse. SO romantic, great look!

  10. Lauren says:

    Great look! Love, love, love the red shorts/polka dot top combination.

    The Styleseer

  11. Cintia says:

    It's beautiful!


  12. I like how unusual looks are of the mixed kids.
    Gorgeous :)

  13. 1/2 spanish, 1/2 chinese, totally babelicious!

  14. Claire M. says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit too

  15. i love natalie's styles :)

  16. Love Natalie's style! Gorgeous girl!! XO Rebecca

  17. love :)

  18. ewita244 says:

    oh, love all precioses - rings are totally stunning

  19. Notcathy says:

    You have a long legged, the outfit was fabulous as well as your sunglasses. :)

  20. She is one of my favorite bloggers, top 3. Great pics.

  21. she is an amazing girl! good to see her on here.

  22. really lovely girl. but i guess that's as per usual for you!

  23. really lovely girl. but i guess that's as per usual for you!

  24. The red shorts are very cool!

  25. Rose Mode says:

    I love your shirt, he is just great

  26. Low says:

    I don´t like her at all.
    At least for being a model.
    Anyway, she has a fantastic fashion blog!

  27. Anonymous says:

    doesnt look like a model to me...