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Aymeline Valade, the face of Alexander Wang and new model industry "it" girl. We chatted briefly about discerning the difference between the "real" people one can encounter in the modeling/fashion world and the not so genuine. More photos of mine will soon be seen on The Cut at NYMAG.COM

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  1. GIAA says:

    love the bag

  2. Claire M. says:

    Nice outfit! I love the bag too ;)

  3. s says:

    love ;))


  4. glamur_p says:

    love her very cool style <3

  5. Love the bag, so cool!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

  6. simply chic... love it <3

  7. amazing face!

  8. Very simple and cute style) Nice!

  9. i really like the bag (:

  10. i love her bag and shoes :)

    love floral dress?