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Stormi Bree Henley

Stormi Bree Henley -- 1444 Skipper

Dana Bodourov -- 2610 Major in Black, zip calf

Rachel Cashman -- 1277 Bette

JBrand Jeans. Versatile--from American Vogue's Anna Wintour, to Paris Vogue's Emanuelle Alt, to supermodel Elle Macpherson. Here from the shores of Williamsburg (Stormi), to a post punk throw back to 1970's London (Dana), to a Brooklyn Staycation (Rachel), JBrand jeans fit the bill. You can upload your own street style photos in your own pair of JBrands at JWorld

Stay tuned for coming photos from Copenhagen and Stockholm Fashion Weeks :)

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  1. Vasilieva says:

    gorgeous shots

  2. Pralinka says:

    amazing photos I'm in love.


  3. Pralinka says:

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  4. I love the black.and.white one!!!

  5. s says:

    WOnderful pics ;D

    Street Diary: The HEAD DRAPPED

  6. Looks very lovely, I like your dressing style. Really very gorgeous shots...

    thanks to share,
    Leather Pants

  7. Sascha says:

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  8. Sascha says:

    Oh, how I adore this blog. The pictures are amazing and I can't wait for the photos from the fashion week shows!

  9. Follow my blog. Your it's very nice :) :)

  10. Great shots. I have those last J. Brand jeans and I absolutely LOVE them. They are so comfortable and look so great.

    Fashionable Collections

  11. Low says:

    Love the jeans!!!!!

  12. loubehr says:

    very good pictures :)

  13. love the photos :D

  14. Anonymous says:

    Used to be a fan of J brand until they get so commercialized now, plus quality is ain't that good. I owned SOOO many pairs. But, now, moving on to SIWY. I LOVE the new SIWY jeans. They changed their fitting and sizing. Trust me. Try SIWY jeans. Better higher quality. Kate Moss owns SIWY.

  15. lovely that first one!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Stele NYC

  16. Hot pants+ the first picture is absolutely stunning.

  17. patricia says:

    Love the boots Dana wears,any idea where to find them? the pics are amazing!!!!

  18. such a great pics xxlove your outfit.

  19. Chloé says:

    J’aime ton blog je t'ai mis un liens sur le mien
    [ je le regarde souvent ]
    Bonne continuation
    : =)

  20. Hi,

    Nice post. you really got such an attractive writting skills that I was not able to left the post in the middle. Keep it up.