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Imagine my surprise running into Sara Blomqvist (DNA, NY) on the lower level of Gare du Nord station today in Paris. We caught up for a few minutes before she had to jet off. Then when I arrived to my place in Paris, I was greeted with this lovely Dior invite. It was like the universe handed me a 2 for 1 special today.

cardigan -- Acne
bag -- Loewe

I apologize for the lack of recent posts. My Mac Book Pro was supposed to be fully repaired the day I left for Europe which was last Tuesday. At a last minutes notice, the video card was still faulty and the audio also went out. This left me traveling to Europe without a fully functioning laptop. Thankfully, my friend who works for Vogue China is loaning me his mac book for the remainder of my stay in Europe.

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  1. Cindy says:

    She's just too adorable. xx

  2. Karrie says:

    love the dress~

  3. s says:

    love..... nice pics ;D

    SHOWROOM: Collection PAP Christophe JOSSE in PICS

  4. s says:

    love..... nice pics ;D

    SHOWROOM: Collection PAP Christophe JOSSE in PICS

  5. She is too cute! I love the colors she's mixed up together here. They all work together really well against her fair complexion.


  6. She's really beautiful and I love her look :)

  7. Vasilieva says:

    looking so so pretty

  8. so pretty! Look at the heels combined with her socks <3

  9. Alinka says:

    Wow, congratulations !! Hope you'll enjoy it and take beautiful photos !
    I looking forward watching the post about Dior later on your blog :)

  10. Adorable dress and i love her boots..

  11. Paul says:

    What a graceful lady!

  12. Valentine says:

    She really looks lovely!


  13. so lovely! I love your boots and the dress also.

  14. glamur_p says:

    beautiful mix luv it <3

  15. Miu says:

    That's a very cool outfit!

  16. dani says:

    loving everything about this look
    looking forwards to more posts

  17. Beyond adorable!!!



  18. Beautiful colour palette. Love yhe socks!