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An easy alternative to the timeless sundress for summer, Karlie (Next, NY) wears the drawstring waist, snap cuffed sleeves, and a top knot for her hair -- all with effortless ease.

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  1. I love this outfit for summer. Very comfortable.

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  2. Nimue says:

    Oh my! love this look! perfect festival attire :)

  3. You helped me a lot indeed and reading this your article I have found much new and useful information about this subject. Keep updating your blog with valuable information…

  4. Such a casually edgy look, with beat up boots too. Very chic!

  5. 401 says:

    I love her and her style.

  6. Woaaaaaaahhh SO gorgeous. This made my day.

    Peroxide Blonde

  7. She's gorgeous! Love that denim romper on her :)

  8. She always looks stunning and has such great outfit. I love this relaxed looks with cool boots.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I NEED to have this outfit. Like, right NOW.

  10. she's super cute :)

    Nina xoxo
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  11. oh, i loved!this outfitt is wonderfull!!!!!!!!

    visit my blog if you want.thanks!

  13. Mrs.Cold says:

    I love absolutely everything about her outfit: the red lips, the jean jumper and the leather boots.

  14. That is! Easy chic, freedom and confidence!

  15. 'S' says:

    ohhhhh it's sooo cute!!!!!!!this jumpsuit is very sweet!!i love it!