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Poppy Delevingne (Storm, London) exits the SS12 Burberry show at London Fashion Week

Cara Delevingne (Storm, London) exits the SS12 Burberry show at London Fashion Week

By the way, it's pronounced Bur-brie (as in the cheese) by the Brits and not Bur-berry (as in the fruit). And to think I was like all "American" sounding going Bur-berry all these years!

I think the contrast between the two sisters style as seen in these pics from today is quite interesting, don't you think?

p.s. and in having nothing to do with the Delevingne sisters and everything to do with street style, make sure to hop over to the new L'Oreal Paris Your Style Your Studio for hair site by clicking HERE. It's genius surfing hair styles uploaded by people from around the world.

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  1. Janiece says:

    That first dress is stunning! I wish I wish..

  2. I'm so happy you clarified that. I'm sick of people saying Burberry... ugh.

  3. Love the sisters and their style. Great photos!

  4. amalie says:

    lovely looks! i loove cara's leather jacket x

  5. Lauren says:

    They look great!

    The Styleseer

  6. Royal says:

    never heard anyone pronounce it bur-berry before but who cares, anyone who does care has too much time on their hands. :)
    Both girls are just beautiful!

  7. Lauren says:

    Ah I need that dress!!!


  8. Pink says:

    She looks beautiful in these cute Indie Clothing Styles! Lovely!

  9. BeLighter says:

    Amazing photos, as always! I prefer the 1st...
    and no matter how you pronounce it, Bur-brie or Bur-berry (which sounds "bonkers" to me), simply love the new collection!!!
    Bur-brie for ever! ;DD

  10. Right time to ask a stupid question and admit I had no idea that they are SISTERS! Ha ha! Are they?!! Its a good job I read your blog, ive learnt something new! I obviously live under a rock

    Rianna xxxx

  11. tess stam says:

    V diff but both seriously cool!

  12. So chic love the first :)

  13. Stunning love the structure of the first outfit; great girls xx

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love this so much, especially Cara's outfit and her jacket, to die for ♥ Anyway I saw this on your tumblr. I guess you have some more photos of Barbara. Can you post them? I will love you forever :D

  15. Lady Fur says:

    ♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
    from your follower! ♡

    With love Little Sable

  16. I love Cara, she's so cute :) the outfits are very different but both of them are great. xx

  17. What a great looks! I looove that dress, it's stunning ;)

  18. Great looks and great blog!!


    (and outfits)

    I love these sisters and their impeccable/edgy SENSE of STYLE! :)


  20. polka dot says:

    Well I've been pronouncing it like the berry all these years in London and no one corrected me. No wonder they were laughing their heads off.

    Those Delevingne sisters are absolutely delightful. I hope you don't mind me self promoting on your post, Craig, but I wanted to share a post of them from last year:

    And I haven't yet seen your shots of Roz. I so wanted a shot of you with her, your bright primary colours, but it was like the planets aligning: my favourite 50m lens literally exploded! The guys at Canon said 'this never happens'. It was unfixable. But worth it, just seeing you two had found each other. If you're going to Milan and Paris, safe trip & have fun. xx

  21. polka dot says:

    p.s. how RUDE: I forgot to say what I started out to: they are both gorgeous shots.

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  23. sandra says:

    the dress is amazing!