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main entrance

walls are filled with photos everywhere. I like pictures with a sense of freedom in them, which this shot has.

Andrew Bevan reviewing pictures in the conference room.

Jane Keltner de Valle with Andrew Bevan

hallways lined with clothes

shoe closet

shoe closet

shoe closet


On Friday I had to stop in at Teen Vogue to deliver some work that I recently did while in Europe. After spending some time with Andrew Bevan reviewing some photos, we took a walk through Teen Vogue's offices and I thought you might find it interesting to see what things look like inside the 9th floor at 4 Times Square. The walk involved a quick stop over inside Jane Keltner de Valle's office, a surprise visit to Mary Kate Steinmiller, and naturally, a walk through the closet. Back to regularly scheduled Models Off Duty shots tomorrow.

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  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos. I was just there a few weeks ago for tvfu! You seem just as sweet as you are lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The wardrobe there is to die for!

    Feel free to comment/follow

  4. compulsive buying shoes, I love this dressing room full of heels!!!!

  5. karin says:

    Love this post, the picture in the wall is great just like your job.Kisses from

  6. Man all those shoes and bags I want :)

  7. fantastic pictures!!!!!!!those closets looks amazing!!!!!<3


  8. hola!!!Me encantan las fotos!! Sobre todo las estanterías con los zapatos!!! Es una locura para mis sentidos!!!

    Un beso.


  9. Absolute heaven with the closets and mountain of things! <3

    I want those Isabel Marant sneakers

  11. that is my dream hallway right there. I would be so unproductive if I were to work there, I would never stop walking around haha.


  12. joshylola says:

    Guauuu, great closet :-O

  13. I want to live in that shoe closet! Then I could be the lady who lives in a shoe.

  14. Hannah says:

    So cool! Their closet's amazing!

  15. i need a dressing room like this one!

  16. omg, how i would love that closet too :) i love the neon handbags and these neon sneakers :> i just got purple skinnies from LBC, which i wear with uggs atm, but they would look epic with these snieakers, do you know the make? >.<

  17. Low says:

    It must be definitely GORGEOUS to work in a place like that one!!!


  18. Ioana says:

    My god...the closets <3 my heart just skipped 3-4 beats.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing these pics, it's amazing!!

  20. glamur_p says:

    I need that wardrobe :D