Sway: Round Three



dear. special representative on behalf of Fascinating country.


im shin, leader of planning department , NM media, seoul korea.

im really happy to hear your participation in "cracker"

we have been discussing about some stuff , like the protocol or the form what you should keep,

maintainning your identity, i mean the photo and the article.

but it wont be pressing you. we are going to respect your opinion fully, and your identity of pothos,

we will accept every kinds of form in which you want to go your own way.

but at least we need a high resolution of image as you know , to publish(print out) a image high quality

is needed a high resoluton of image(photos). i dont no exactly what resolution is proper. but we have been

discussing about the proper resolution so that it would be highest quality magazine.

we will inform you what the exact resolution we will be needed, and other details on discussing, as soon as possible.

i guess it would be like '2~3'mega bytes in the file size, or 'xx~xx' pixel, 'xx'DPI.

it`ll be easy as if you have a digital camera or some stuff to scan the photo film.

i wish you are with that specialized DSLR.

plz wait about a week. after discussion, we are going to notify you a detail information what you would get.

thank you for your cooperation.

i`ll write you soon

have a nice day.


from shin. leader of planning department, NM media, seoul korea

Unknown said...

^ As I'm sure you've already noted, I've been communicating with you through my gmail account.

Can't wait till your first magazine gets printed!


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