Meeting with Facehunter

We had the opportunity to meet with Facehunter in Soho on Sunday. For those of you that are curious, there's no magic to asking for a picture. A direct, "can I take your picture" works just fine.

Yvan started Facehunter when he received a camera as a gift back around January of 2006.
If you look at his photos from January 2006, you will see that he started out by first taking pictures only of people's faces. While faces may be interesting initially, on a month-after-month basis Yvan felt the concept could grow boring. He decided that there was more potential to tell an entertaining and seductive story if he included the whole outfit in the picture and in May 2006 Facehunter as we know it today was born.

Kudos to you Yvan. Keep up the great work.

Introducing New altamiranyc photgraphers

altamiranyc now has two new burgeoning street fashion photographers. Rommel and Marika are warmly welcomed to the team and eagerly look forward to providing you with quality professional street fashion pictures. Now there are three of us: Craig, Rommel, and Marika...


Pret a Porter P said...

He looks smashing of course


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