Style Hunting with Copenhagen Street Style

Jenny and Soren from Copenhagen Street Style

Soren in action.

What a great pleasure it was today to meet Copenhagen's landmark to street fashion, Jenny and Soren from Copenhagen Street Style. I met them at the Danish Design Center where they have a special exhibit among other leading fashion insiders in Copenhagen.

I had the privilege of asking a few quesitons. "What do you find most fulfilling about taking street style photographs?" To which they replied, "Challenging the fashion hierarchy" (see top left of first pic). Then when I asked them, "What's important to you about challenging the fashion hierarchy?" they replied, "It provides an alternative to what the mainstream says is 'in'" I hope they keep up the great work for years to come!

Now for a few street hunting pics:


Pret a Porter P said...

Cool. I especially like the "Behind the Scenes" shot

OnTheCorner said...

great for copehagen that they had their pics in a museum

love how NYC is so different at the same time.
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